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Attero is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands when it comes to the treatment of household waste. The starting point is the recovery of raw materials and the production of renewable energy from waste. As an innovative company Attero wants to expand its activities with i.a. the processing of organic streams to high-quality raw materials, with the aim to create maximum value from waste in general and in this case specifically from organic waste following the Biobased Value Pyramid.

Attero carries out many innovative projects developping bio-based technologies and products (production of PHA bioplastics and proteins from organic waste and fly larvae; construction materials from cellulosic streams; green chemicals from organic waste; bio-LNG from organic waste; high quality fertilizers and compost from organic waste products). Specifically, a lot of experience with the production of plastics from a self-developed two-stage fermentation process in Venlo.

The experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of waste management and the knowledge gained from the innovative biobased projects listed Attero make the perfect partner in this project. The contribution of Attero in this project is focused on the research and development of the enzymatic degradation of cellulose and PLA production from the point that the suspended solids are separated from the influent. Additionally Attero wants to further investigate the marketing of sugar water and PLA. As there will be also a product that must be demanded by the market has developed.

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